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Specialists in Rehabilitation and Sports Physiotherapy in Palma de Mallorca

Maria Antonia Estarellas

She has a diploma in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy from the University of VIC. Recently, she has obtained the Official Certificate in Osteopathy (CO) awarded by the School of Osteopathy of Madrid. In addition, she is specialized in the Dry Needling technique from the University of Zaragoza and in Sports Physiotherapy.
Después de más de 9 años de experiencia trabajando en diferentes centros de renombre como el Hospitalier Francis Vals en Francia, Hospital Son Llatzer, Hospital San Juan de Dios y en el Centro de Fisioterápia Move 4 de Mallorca, ha decidido emprender su propio proyecto con el afán de ofrecer a sus pacientes un servicio integral orientado a lograr su bienestar personal y mejorar su salud diaria.

Melanie Moro Riquen

Graduated in Physiotherapy from the Cardenal Herrera CEU University of Valencia, she has obtained the Official Certificate in Osteopathy (CO) from the Madrid School of Osteopathy. In addition, she is trained in dry needling, massage therapy, kinesiotapping, infant pathology and pediatric respiratory physiotherapy, among others.
With almost 10 years of experience working in clinics in the Valencian Community, she does not lose the desire to continue learning both on a personal and professional level to provide the most complete treatment to her patients.


Graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), she has a Master's Degree in Osteopathic Techniques of the Locomotor System from the School of Osteopathy of Madrid; the advanced course in obstetrics physiotherapy, preparation for motherhood and postpartum recovery; and the postgraduate course on Basic Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics. She is currently taking the last course to obtain the Official Certificate in Osteopathy (C.O).


Graduated in physiotherapy from the Pontifical University of Comillas, he has the official certificate in osteopathy (CO) from the Madrid school of osteopathy, postgraduate degree in pediatric osteopathy, myofascial induction course I, kinesiotaping, neuromeningeal mobilization, among other courses. With years of hospital experience and personalized treatment with patients.


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