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Osteopathy is a therapeutic discipline that, using the anatomy and physiology of the human body, reestablishes the overall balance of the body, through a series of manual techniques.

At physiosalut Palma we carry out a global and complete assessment of the patient in order to obtain an individualized osteopathic diagnosis. always with physiotherapists specialized in osteopathy with the highest degree of training

Osteopathy is divided into three large groups:

Structural osteopathy, visceral osteopathy and cranial osteopathy.

These three groups are interrelated giving the osteopath a holistic view of the patient.

STRUCTURAL OSTEOPATHY: Directed at the musculoskeletal system, where we apply various manual techniques, mobilizations or joint manipulations. It has important indications in the treatment of the spine and joints.

VISCERAL OSTEOPATHY: oriented to act on the tissues that participate in the functioning of the visceral organs (membranes, muscles, fascia, blood vessels, nerves). Through manual visceral techniques, blockages are released and irrigation is improved. blood and recover tissue mobility, to reestablish digestive, cardiorespiratory, gynecological, circulatory function, etc.

CRANIAL OSTEOPATHY AND CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY: focused on the treatment of cranial and mandibular problems, and the relationship of the skull with the sacrum through the meningeal membranes and cerebrospinal fluid.

Some consequences of postural alterations, trauma, muscular imbalances, etc., can affect cranial nerves, arteries, glands and other tissues, as they pass through orifices of the skull or inside the skull itself, which can cause neuralgia, vision and hearing difficulties. , alterations of some glandular functions, vertigo, migraines, and even through the vegetative nervous system, digestive, respiratory, vascular disorders, etc.

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