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Formed by great professionals specializing in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports readaptation.

Marian Estarellas Crespo

Registered physiotherapist 716.
Osteopath, occupational therapist and psychoneuroimmunologist.
Owner and founder of Fisiosalut Palma.
I am specialized in manual therapy, dry needling and ultrasound among other therapies. I try to distribute my time between the management, organization and coordination of the team with what I like most; work in consultation.
Passionate about health and in constant training, I integrate my knowledge on an individual basis, studying each case to apply the best treatment.

I love sports as a way of life and it has always accompanied me. I regularly practice functional training, running, pilates and yoga.

Mari Salvador Cardona

Registered physiotherapist 1551
Specialized in therapeutic exercise, pilates, dry needling and ultrasound.
I started studying physiotherapy as a result of a personal experience; When I was 16 years old I had a knee injury that ended in surgery and a year of rehabilitation. There I was able to discover the importance and work of the physiotherapist in recovering from injuries.

I love sports and I have practiced all kinds of sports throughout my life, such as basketball, swimming, climbing, etc. But now I focus my training on strength work.

Maria Ginard Perez

Registered physiotherapist 2123

Specialized in musculoskeletal system, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, dry needling and electropuncture.

I am a sports lover, especially basketball, which has accompanied me throughout my life; providing me with discipline, teamwork and empathy.

In my day-to-day life I am focused on the treatment of sports injuries and physiotherapy rehabilitation as the main focus of my work in consultation.

Miriam Miguez Crespo

Registered physiotherapist 2209

She graduated in physiotherapy and specialized in dry needling and electropuncture.

I started my career at Gimbernat University in Barcelona and finished my studies at the UIB.

I have always worked in the healthcare world and caring for people, focusing on their well-being and recovery.

I have dedicated much of my free time to horseback riding, and that is where my contact with therapeutic rehabilitation with children with cerebral palsy began. Thanks to that, my motivation for people's recovery and health was awakened.

Juana Crespo Gomez

Customer service and administration.

I have worked all my life in contact with clients and customer service, I really like social relationships.
I am in charge, among other functions, of managing your appointments and finding the best option for you.
I always receive you with a big smile and I greatly value the humane and personalized treatment.

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