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We combine the power of Pilates and hypopressive exercises to improve your health and well-being, as a complement and reinforcement to our treatments.

Pilates is a training method that focuses on strengthening core muscles, improving flexibility and correcting posture. Our team of physiotherapists use therapeutic Pilates to address injuries, chronic pain and improve mobility.

Hypopressive exercises are a breathing and abdominal contraction technique that help strengthen the pelvic floor, reduce intra-abdominal pressure and improve posture.

At our clinic, we combine these two approaches to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized treatment. Our goal is to help you regain your strength, stability and flexibility in a safe and effective way.

Whether you are an athlete, a postpartum woman, or simply someone looking to improve their quality of life, Pilates and hypopressive exercises are excellent options to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Contact us today to request information about our pilates and hypopressive classes, and discover how they can transform your physical and emotional life, strengthening your abdomen and back!

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