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The solution to your constipation

To help the constipation processes from osteopathy, we need to understand what the origin of the problem is, among them in constipation, it is very important to normalize the natural intestinal movements, which in these cases are altered and are slower than normal. Stimulating intestinal peristaltic movements with visceral osteopathy and attacking other factors causes the disorder to resolve.

Techniques and therapies

At Fisiosalut we use different techniques and therapies to best resolve the diagnosed problem, improving your quality of life.

Techniques and Treatments:

1. Manual therapy:Physiotherapy specialty that has a range of techniques aimed at the treatment of musculo-neuro-skeletal pathologies whose main characteristic is the use of the hands as a work tool.

2. Dry needling: It is one of the most effective techniques in the treatment of muscle pain, it consists of an invasive technique that uses puncture with acupuncture needles directly on the trigger point of the muscle, seeking its pressure and contraction so that it is is released and stops causing pain. This method allows us to solve sports injuries very effectively, allowing us to continue with physical activity as soon as possible.

3. Sports physiotherapy:It encompasses a set of techniques developed to prevent and treat sports injuries effectively and quickly, allowing the athlete to recover their functionality by limiting their training and return to competition as little as possible.

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