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The solution to your Herniated Disc

In most cases it is due to wear of the intervertebral disc, which serves as an elastic shock absorber between the vertebrae. Inside the disc there is a gelatinous nucleus that, with wear or tear of the disc, can move outward, causing herniation or protrusion. The main problem with a hernia is the compression of the nerves that come out of the spine, this usually causes pain in the affected area, pain along the route of the nerve and muscle contractures. It usually occurs in the lumbar and cervical areas. Through physiotherapy and osteopathy, we cannot remove the hernia once it has occurred, but we can treat it to achieve the disappearance of the pain and its symptoms, through manual techniques that consist of reducing the contracture, articulatory techniques to provide space between the intervertebral discs. and reduce the pressure on them. In these cases, apart from passive work on a stretcher, active work with reinforcement exercises and postural correction is very important.

Techniques and therapies

At Fisiosalut we use different techniques and therapies to best resolve the diagnosed problem, improving your quality of life.

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