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The solution to your Muscle Break

It consists of the breakage of muscle tissue, its severity will depend on the extent of the break. It can affect any muscle and is usually related to sports practice. The symptoms are characterized by the appearance of sudden, sharp and intense pain, reminiscent of a stab or stone and located in a very specific point. From the moment it occurs it is very painful, usually preventing any movement with the affected muscle. Muscle rupture must be treated to avoid poor healing of the fibers, since if this occurs the muscle remains inelastic and shortened. The physiotherapy treatment consists of shortening and redirecting the healing process and controlling the readaptation to sport; through different techniques such as manual therapy, dry needling, electrostimulation and eccentric muscle work exercises for readaptation to sport.

Techniques and therapies

At Fisiosalut we use different techniques and therapies to best resolve the diagnosed problem, improving your quality of life.

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