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The solution to your joint pain

Osteoarthritis is a disease that damages the articular cartilage, causing bone wear and causing pain, stiffness and functional disability. The pain and stiffness is usually more evident in the mornings. Osteoarthritis is usually located in the cervical and lumbar spine, some joints of the shoulder and fingers, the root joint of the thumb, the hip, the knee, and the joint at the beginning of the big toe. Physiotherapy cannot solve osteoarthritis, but it can treat the symptoms derived from it (pain and stiffness). The evolution will depend on the degree of cartilage injury, but in any case preventive treatment will help to have a better quality of life and avoid a more rapid evolution of the disease, trying to avoid surgery and replacement of the joint with a prosthesis.

Techniques and therapies

At Fisiosalut we use different techniques and therapies to best resolve the diagnosed problem, improving your quality of life.

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